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  • Jarratt began as a retail trader just like you
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  • He was himself headhunted into a small Hong Kong hedge fund
  • He is now head of FX at a regulated investment company in the UK
  • He has been ranked the 2nd best performing FX trader in the world since 2008


Andris Avsejevs

United Kingdom, Antrim

Hi Jarratt just wanted to say thank you for your posts and comments. Since I started using fundamentals my trading went off the walls from -70% last month to +13% this and month is not over yet. Thank you.

Saul Lal


Jarratt once again thanks for the informative video, since watching the first one I have slowly started to turn my trading around and hopefully will get to a point where I am consistently profitable, but none the less thanks again.

Tim Armstrong

US, Massey Palmerston North

This is exactly what I have been looking for! At last a means of understanding why the market moves the way it does and therefore how to pick the right direction. I can’t wait to get started. Thank you!

John A. Onwuchekwa

US, Jacksonville, Florida Area

Jarratt uncovered a hidden gem, a rare piece of information that could mean a difference between good success and mediocre result and Forex business. I am highly inspired, will be your student any day.

Vincent A. Carter

US, Pittsfied, Massachusetts

Thanks for sharing it was very informative you and I have the same type of journey in our pursuit. Now what I need to do is go back to what I am good at Fundamentals.

Nurul Nurul


Just watched your 2nd video.. it changed how I think forex trading totally.. can’t wait to watch your 3rd video..Thanks a lot Mr Davis.

Abiola M. Ojo


Hi Jarratt. Thanks so much for this course. It has indeed simplified the whole process of trading the economic news. I now understand the basis and sources of your shared daily trade set up. It is awesome. Many grease to your elbow. Well done.

Aldo Matusevicius

UK, Bradford

Thanks for the insight Jarratt. Extremely professional and adapt. I’ll be following your insights and getting more involved with your way of trading the FX markets, and learning your proprietary techniques.


Turkey, Yozgat

Thank you Jarratt. I made 200 pips on gbp jpy by the help of your analyses. For now I think 172.500 level good to jump on long position and makes a really easy money. Thank you again.