You are losing money in Forex because you are making 2 major mistakes

You are trying to trade with only charts and technical analysis

Almost every retail trader tries to make money in the markets by solely focusing on charts and indicators. Professional traders do not trade like this and as long as you do this you will keep losing money.

You are constantly changing your trading strategy

The cycle is virtually the same for every retail trader: You find a 'system' online, you back test it with fantastic results, you start trading live and your results never live up to your results. You then ditch the system and start the whole cycle again

Watch the interview in which the head of FX at a major UK investment firm explains in detail how their trading team makes money trading the Forex markets

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Why should you
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Jarratt Davis was ranked as the second best performing FX trader in the world, between 2008 - 2013 by the Barclay Hedge Currency Traders index (out of traders managing between $5 million - $10 million) and now he is Head of FX at professional investment firm in the UK. Their FX trading teams have years of experience trading client funds in the markets.

The interview was filmed to give retail traders an insight into how Jarratt and his team in London trade the Forex markets on a professional level. It is a starting point for Your career as professional FX trader.

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What is it there for

Jarratt and his firm agreed to share their institutional training material with retail traders to gain wider exposure for the investment business. So You will get your hands on professional training programme.

Jarratt's firm offers its clients fully FCA regulated investments in the UK and is part of a group that manage over $250 million in assets for clients around the world.

This is the world's only Forex training course delivered by an active fund management business and available to retail traders!

Everyone watching the interview will get full, FREE access to the exact same training and tools used by the firm to train their junior traders in London.

As You will complete the exact same training as junior traders do, You will be able to demonstrate your trading results directly to the head of FX and stand a chance to become a professional trader.


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