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What is Jarratt's professional trading experience? +

Jarratt began trading professionally in 2008 and this grew into his own managed account investment programme. In 2012, he began working with a London based investment firm where that managed account programme was offered to clients as a fully FCA regulated product.

The performance of his managed account programme was verified annually by a third party CPA and reported via the Barclay Hedge professional investor data base.

It was during this time that Barclay Hedge issued Jarratt with the ranking of second best performing FX fund manager in the world between the beginning of 2008 and the end of 2013.

He was promoted to head of FX in 2014 and continued to work in London helping his firm create new investment strategies and develop their graduate training programme. He used this experience to develop this trader training company that you can see here.

He left the firm fully in 2016 to concentrate on launching his own investment fund.

His hedge fund began trading in 2017 and is based in one of the most credible offshore centres in the world, the Cayman Islands. It is registered and regulated by CIMA as a sub fund of the ‘primary development fund (Cayman) SPC’ (Registration number 586176). The fund administrator is IFINA UK who oversee funds with a total AUM of over $1.8 billion globally.

All of Jarratt’s performance is independently verified annually. His previous managed account programme was verified by a third party CPA. His current Investment fund is audited by Baker Tilly (Cayman) Ltd.

His managed account programme performance was published via Barclay Hedge who are one of the largest investor databases in the world. His current fund’s performance is now reported via Bloomberg.

What does the Barclay Hedge ranking mean? +

Back in 2011 when Jarratt was promoting his managed account business he started to submit his verified performance to professional investor databases.

One of the largest is Barclay Hedge, which is a professional data base of money managers and hedge funds all displaying their trading performance.

They awarded Jarratt based on how his trading performance ranked against other fund managers in the same category.

That award ranked him as the second best performing FX trader in the world between 2008 & 2013.

The way they work is very simple:

A manager that is professionally trading client capital will open an account and be required to upload their verified performance into the data base. Barclay Hedge do not themselves verify the performance.

The verification of performance takes place before the performance is submitted and is carried out by a third party firm.

Before posting any managers performance on their site Barclay Hedge conduct their own due diligence. This involves them requiring some form of validation that the manager is indeed an active investment professional and that the returns have been verified in some way.

The reason that they maintain a high quality data base in this way is because they charge a premium for access to it. It is in the interest of their business to ensure, as far as possible, that their data base of investment managers is reliable.

The ranking stops at the end of 2013 because Jarratt publicly displayed this ranking certificate during the initial launch of this trader training business. This broke the rules around how and when such ranking certificates can be displayed. (Barclay Hedge are a US based company and adhere to NFA regulations)

As a result, Barclay Hedge stopped tracking Jarratt’s performance in 2014.

Why would a hedge fund manager create a trader training company? +

This trader training business has demonstrated a clear potential to generate significant revenues on an annual basis.

It evolved through the promotion Jarratt was doing for his main business at the time, which was managed accounts. He realised that the promotion he conducted resulted in a lot of interest from people that simply wanted to learn how he traded, rather than invest into the programme.

This business was born in 2014 as a side project and after seeing its success and great potential, Jarratt decided, in 2016, to set it up as a dedicated company in the UK with its own infrastructure and team in place to run it.

This is the perfect addition to his main business (investment fund) and provides a significant (risk free) income stream as part of it.

The goal of our team here is to expand and grow the business to its maximum potential.

Does Jarratt use technical analysis? +

We do not dismiss technical analysis completely, as many people believe.

The reality is that we value technical analysis and even teach it in our trader training programme.

The principle behind everything we share is that using technical analysis alone will result in a much greater struggle to become consistently profitable. The vast majority of professional traders and investors use fundamental analysis as their primary analysis tool.

They may also combine this with technical analysis but the ratio is clearly in favour of the fundamentals. This will give you a much better edge in the markets.

The reason that you have more chance of making money with the fundamentals is simply down to something called conviction.

You are trading blind if you stare at a chart with no clue about why the price is moving or which way it is most likely to move next.

Most retail traders completely lose confidence in any technical strategy after just a few losses. They very often go back to the internet to find a system or a technical strategy that will work ‘better’.

This cycle of switching holds most retail traders back and, unfortunately, many of them never escape that cycle.

This results in a lot of bitter and twisted traders, full of frustration.

The fundamentals on the other hand show you how to understand the reasons that drive the price. Each day you will know which currencies are most likely to move and which direction they will most likely be moving in.

Of course, this is not 100% (Nothing is) but the difference that having this kind of knowledge makes to your confidence levels is extraordinary. You will have losses, but you will find that you are not searching for different systems or deterred by those losses. You will escape that frustrating cycle of switching.

Instead, you will simply focus on improving your inner game, which are things like trading psychology and your own emotional habits and state. This is self-improvement from the inside out.

And, for the first time, you will have that conviction in your trading and be able to see your performance improving, even if gradually.

For normal everyday retail traders it is infinitely easier to become consistently profitable by trading with the fundamentals. Technical analysis can also be applied but it should not be your primary strategy.

Why do you advertise on so many other Forex websites? +

Behind this website is a fantastic team that work hard to make sure that everything is of the highest possible quality. Part of this work involves building and growing the business and its revenues. When operating online, the most effective way to grow is to expand your reach.

To grow our audience and client base we have agreements in place with most of the largest FX related websites on the internet. These agreements allow us to post content or advertise on their platforms and in return we give those sites a portion of the revenues we make from their traffic.

There are lots of people searching for high quality trader training and we do our best to find them.

One of our closest relationships has been with the company behind the reviews website Forex Peace Army. Due to their huge volumes of traffic, they are one of our biggest affiliate partners.

Jarratt started posting trading analysis in the FPA forums in 2013 as part of the promotion of his managed accounts programme.

He built up a good relationship with the team there and they offered to assist him in creating this trader training site.

Their role was to plan, launch and operate our initial marketing campaigns and generally guide and assist us with all of the nuances of launching an online marketing business.

In return for lending us their experience in these areas they received a share of our profits until 2016.

Since 2016 we have been a fully independent UK based company with our own, established team in place.

Although we separated from the FPA, we do still advertise on their site and pay them a share of the revenues generated from their clients, in the same way that we do with all of our other affiliates.

We also regularly conduct affiliate launches across many different networks. This is where a group of large FX websites all agree to promote a specific offer at the same time.

We understand that a mass marketing approach can sometimes seem overwhelming but this is simply how companies grow and expand their reach.

We are only interested in trying to reach those that are actively looking for some advanced trader training.

For this reason, we implement the following measures to protect your inbox:

  • We never share your contact details with any other third parties.
  • We make it extremely easy for you to unsubscribe from our mailing list. Simply scroll to the bottom of any of our emails and select ‘unsubscribe’.

If you have any issues with our emails at any time, we want to hear about it and we want to fix it. Please contact the support team who will get those issues resolved quickly.


What broker do you recommend? +

We do not recommend any primary broker above all others. We do however share with our community the brokers that Jarratt has himself used over the years.

Some of these brokers he would happily recommend based on his own positive experiences there.

You can read more about these brokers here.

We do also regularly collaborate with various brokers. The purpose of this is to provide our community with interesting offers that they could not get independently. If our members whish to explore these offers further then this is left to their own discretion.

A broker may also contribute to the cost of a live event that we co-host or contribute a fixed fee for advertising on our various online platforms. We will collaborate where we see a strategic advantage for our business.

We do not receive any payments or commissions from these brokers that is based on the trading activity of our members or that in any way conflicts with their interests.

We did start to recommend a specific broker in 2016 for several months (Axi trader) and we did receive commission payments for this.

The reason we decided to do this was because the investment company that Jarratt was working with at the time had a very close relationship with an institutional broker. That broker also had a retail brand, which was Axi trader.

The idea was that, because Jarratt knew the people behind the broker, he could offer our members some form of ‘back up’ if anything went wrong or they had any issues with their broker.

We felt that this was a useful benefit that a lot of our members would appreciate.

There were never any issues to handle but Axi relocated its operation back to Australia and any connections that Jarratt had in London slowly faded away.

Looking back, this was a mistake because there is always a risk of any company acting out of our control, no matter how close the relationship has previously been.

So on reflection, we most likely will not be repeating that type of exclusive recommendation for a broker, unless the broker is under our full control.

Our core business is trader training and education and our strategy is to focus on delivering this to the highest standard possible without diluting it.

How can I receive capital to trade from Jarratt? +

There are two ways to get a fully funded trading account through us.

The first way is to train inside one of our professional trading partner firms in London. If you make the cut at the end of the training period you will be funded and given a job there.

The second way is by taking our online training and then producing a profitable track record.

Since we launched in 2014 we have evolved our business in order to find the most efficient way to help our online students become profitable and also assist them progress their trading careers.

We initially did this by offering the opportunity to receive capital from us to trade. The idea behind this was to let them build a track record on a credible amount of money (100k – 250k) which could be used as a track record to attract larger clients and start their own investment business. (With our backing and contacts)

After running this with several students we found that the jump from small account to trading hundreds of thousands of dollars and being ‘monitored’ took a significant psychological toll on the traders which negatively impacted their performance.

Essentially, by putting traders under this type of pressure immediately the net result was that they (and us) lost money on the accounts that we allocated.

To counter this and also support our students through this learning curve we decided to refine the process and insert a few more ‘steps’ that would allow each student to build up to managing significant amounts at a more gradual pace.

The online route to being funded and having your very own regulated managed account business or even hedge fund is still there but we wanted to make it slightly less intimidating for retail traders to achieve.

We also wanted to try and get all of our students actually making a living from their trading as quickly as possible.

From 2017 onwards here is how you can work your way to trading professionally:

1-6 month verified track record

At this stage we will introduce you to the concept of being monitored and watched by others. We do this by featuring you, on our website, as one of our students that has started to turn their trading around on the long journey to success.

There is no commitment but you will definitely notice more traders paying you attention, which in turn will add a very small element of pressure to your trading. This is done inside the controlled environment of our free online community.

7-12 month track record

Once you reach this point we can now begin to feature you and help you develop an income that comes directly from your trading performance.

One of the most common ways in which we do this is by helping you promote your own trade copier service. This will allow you to display your verified track record to all of our community but at the same time also allow those people to pay to copy your trades on their own account.

Because of the large community that we have this almost instantly generates a significant extra income from your trading while also allowing our newer students to ‘earn while they learn’.

The overall purpose of this level is to increase the pressure slightly by introducing you to the concept of trading other people’s money, while still keeping it an extremely low commitment from the traders that subscribe to your trades (They pay a low monthly fee and can turn it off at their discretion)

There are many other opportunities for you to use your successful track record to generate an income. These include working with us as a trading coach and even taking part in exclusive premium events that we host for our community.

12-24 month track record

At this point, after completing the previous steps successfully you will be making a significant income from your trading. All of the money you make can be snowballed back into your own trading account so that you can trade bigger and grow it faster.

When you reach this level the next step is to talk with Jarratt personally so that he can understand your goals for your trading business. This might be anything from finding a placement inside a professional firm, trading company capital to launching your own hedge fund, getting regulated and attracting institutional investors.

Once we understand your vision we can then create a plan to help you get there. Our main input will be to make introductions and guide you in the right direction to make sure that you are taking the correct steps in the right order.

We will offer all the support we can to make sure you achieve your goals because the more students that we can help to this point the more attractive our trader training is to new students starting their own journey.

Can you help US citizens become professional traders? +

All US citizens can follow the steps above and build their own money management business. In fact, we already have at least one US based student that progressed to managing client funds while being registered with the NFA as a money manager.

We can draw on this experience to help new US clients follow the same path.

Can I copy Jarratt's trades? +

Jarratt does not personally offer a trade copying service as this would conflict with his investment fund.

He is not regulated to trade for or on behalf of retail individuals.

Can I become a trading coach or analyst with you? +

This is definitely possible and we have a firm policy that actively seeks out former students to work inside our trader training business.

In fact, all of our trading coaches and analysts are former students of the training programme that went on to generate a profitable track record.

We feel that there is no better way for a new trader to learn the ropes than by working with other traders that have been in their shoes and succeeded.

We require you to have been a former student of our training (So that you fully understand how it all works) and can demonstrate at least 6 months profitable trading on a live account of any size.

Send us your CV and links to track record to ‘’

Where can I see the performance of your training programme? +

We regularly share the performance of our students so that you can see beyond doubt that success is possible for normal everyday retail traders.

All student track records are verified by a variety of third party applications.

You can view these accounts and actually meet the students that have generated profitable trading from our training via our exclusive community here or request further information on them by contacting our support team.

Do you offer a trade alerts subscription? +

We do not offer trade alerts as part of our training programme.

Our focus is on providing the very best in trader training and education. We are also dedicated to supporting our students beyond their training.

Does Jarratt still offer managed accounts? +

Jarratt closed his managed accounts programme at the end of 2014. He continued to work with his firm until 2016 as head of FX. He also contributed to their in house graduate training programme and assisted with the creation of several new trading teams.

He also worked away from the firm on several different projects. One of these projects was this trader training business here.

The ultimate goal of closing his managed account programme was so that he could focus on setting up his own hedge fund. He achieved this towards the end of 2016.

The reason he decided to switch from managed accounts to a fund structure is because that is the best way to attract institutional level investors in the long run. Managed accounts tend to suit individual investors. Hedge funds attract allocations from other funds and larger institutions.

This, of course, has the highest potential for exponentially increasing his AUM which is his ultimate goal.

This is simply the next stage of Jarratt’s own professional career.