Jarratt Davis is the founder of our online trading academy. He began as a retail trader, in 2005, searching online for ways to trade FX.

He eventually went on to run an FCA regulated FX managed account investment programme from the City of London. He now runs his own small investment fund and works as a consultant to start-up hedge funds and asset managers.

He no longer trades FX himself and invests some of his capital with the best traders that he has worked with over time. This allows him to continue generating profits from the FX markets each year.

Although he no longer trains our students personally he does hand-pick all of our traders and analysts. This helps us maintain our high educational standards.

You can learn more about Jarratt’s story here. You can visit his professional blog here.

In 2008, Jarratt started trading FX professionally for investors. He built his business entirely from the ground up.

During that time he was approached by people that wanted to learn how to trade but that couldn’t invest into his managed account programme. He provided coaching and training to retail traders as a way to generate extra revenues and supplement his fledgeling investment business.

Over time both the training and the investment businesses started to grow. Jarratt decided to turn the training side into the fully independent academy you see today. This allowed him to focus most of his own efforts on his main investment businesses.

The academy evolved and we now operate with our own team. Jarratt still hand picks our analysts and traders to ensure our students learn from only the most qualified coaches.

Some of these traders also trade Jarratt’s capital. This demonstrates how highly he values them and their trading ability.

We believe the reason our academy continues to thrive is that we offer the highest quality trader training available online to retail traders. We focus on teaching you to understand the Forex markets along with how and why currency prices move in the way that they do.

Our entire training model is based on the same concepts used and taught inside professional prop trading firms in the City. We also focus heavily on maintaining a responsive and effective support team at all times.

We teach you how to understand the Forex markets. When you understand how the markets really work you can then start working on your approach.

It’s not about magic indicators or secret strategies. It’s just about being educated in a professional manner.

You will learn how and why the markets move. How to identify clear trading opportunities and how to use professional concepts for trade management.

If you are passionate about mastering the markets and improving your own understanding then you will find our training powerful and effective.

If you are looking for a quick fix that can be applied with no effort then this is not for you. Our content is of the highest quality while providing industry leading user experience.

You can chat to our dedicated support team who will do everything they can to help you understand our training before you join.

We also offer a no questions asked refund policy if you are not happy with the training during the first 7 days.

You can also begin your training with us for free. If you get value from what you learn then there is a good chance you will get even more value from our premium training.

We do not recommend any broker. We tried this in the past but it created a conflict of interest and we prefer to remain independent.

We do have a free guide on what you should look for in a good broker that you can access via our support team now.

We have several routes to trading our money. The purpose of this is simply to give our students an extra income stream as they build their trading business.

If we can support you then we will. The maximum account we allocate is $250,000 USD. The smallest account is $10,000.

For more information on how to secure a funded account please contact the support team.

Yes we can!

The restrictions on US traders is primarily based upon where they can open a trading account and send their money.

Since we never require any of our students to open trading accounts or send their money to us for trading purposes, these restrictions do not apply.

The traders that work inside our premium training programme have verified track records. The verification is provided by third party sites such as Myfxbook or

We also display verified performance of our students. This doesn’t mean that they are money making machines.

We display this to show that they have made tangible improvement in their trading and that it’s real. Whether or not the results are ‘good’ is totally subjective and we leave that to your discretion.

We do sell trading signals / copy trading from time to time. These are provided by former students that have a verified track record of at least 12 months. Please sign up to our email list to be alerted about these promotions.

If you have any professional enquiries about working with Jarratt then you can explore them through his professional site.


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