how real forex trading success looks

How Real Forex Trading Success Looks

Every retail trader is looking for ways to improve their results. I wanted to give you an insight into how real Forex trading success looks.

The internet is full of flashy looking pictures and videos of people that call themselves traders.

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They explain that making a lot of money is so easy when you trade the markets. They also state that the only reason you haven’t been getting a piece of the action is simply because you didn’t know it existed.

This of course is nonsense and if it really was that easy then everyone would be doing it. They are oversimplifying it and selling a dream. This is, in fact, what makes them wealthy over and above actual trading. Most of these don’t actually know how real Forex trading success looks.

And the most disappointing part is that almost none of these so called ‘traders’ have ever had any kind of credible career in the industry.

It can get very disheartening once you realise that most of this stuff is false and simply doesn’t work.

But it is very important to understand that trading is a legitimate way to make a lot of money.

Trading professionally is how I myself became wealthy. But using a system to do the work for me and generating millions in a few short weeks is definitely not how I did it.

The goal of this post is to reaffirm that trading success is definitely possible. It will also explain the realities behind this so that you have the correct expectations. I will do this by using real traders with real track records that are fully verified in some way.

How Real Forex Trading Success Looks

There is a route to success but it is longer than most people hope for and full of difficult challenges along the way. But success is very possible and the opportunities are limitless.

In this article, I’m going to showcase one of our former students who has generated thousands of pips from trading. I’m going to show you beyond doubt that he now has absolutely nailed the art of making consistent profit.

We are going to dive right into his story and pick apart all of the negative periods that he went through. After all, this is the cold hard reality of trying to become successful.

You need to accept that it will be hard and that you will have to work.

Finally, I’m going to show you and explain to you what his journey looked like and how you can replicate it.

Important Disclaimer

You need to have the right understanding and expectations before we go any further. What you are about to see is not the ‘end result’.

The trader I’m going to show you might even end up quitting altogether in a few months or years into the future.

However, this will not be because he doesn’t know how to make money from the markets. This will not be because he doesn’t know how real Forex trading success looks.

The reason will be simply because he cannot control his mental state and trading psychology.

This is the thing that ultimately decides if you can be a great trader or not. The two are vastly different issues faced by every trader.

I believe that 99% of retail traders searching the internet for the perfect ‘technical indicator’ or robot will fail. They will never even come close to experiencing what it feels like to understand the process of trading profitably.

This means that they will never understand the psychological battle that is involved once you achieve mastery.

Almost every retail trader believes that the key is in the edge and a bit of risk management. They think this because they have never traded with an edge and generated consistent profits long enough to really understand how it works.

Once you know how to consistently make pips you will then learn whether trading really is for you.

This may sound slightly contradictory but everything will become clear as we explain it.

The purpose of this article is to, first of all, show you that the dream is possible; to show you undeniable evidence of people trading profitably and living their dream.

Once you can see this, the next goal is to actually give you an insight into getting there yourself.

Trading the fundamentals is absolutely crucial. And taking our training programme will definitely help you.

My First Ever Student

Trading success is not as simple as buying a course and becoming a millionaire.

There is a whole stage in between that the ‘gurus’ on Instagram never show. The reason they never show it is that they do not even know it themselves. Like I have already said, many of these don’t know what real Forex trading success looks like.

My first student perfectly illustrates the principle of what we teach here and how the process of becoming successful looks.

His name is Ryan. I met him when he was 21 and looking closely into something that would allow him to grow his savings for the future. He discovered trading and start playing around with demo accounts.

Over the years I’ve had a lot of people show an interest in trading. This is normally down to the lifestyle that they see me lead. They naturally want to know what I do that allows me to live in this way.

At first I tried to help them by spending time showing them what I do. But many of these people didn’t really have a firm commitment and it ended up being a waste of my time.

To counter this I naturally came up with a strategy to sort out the time wasters – go through the entire course and then come back to me.

Of course, this got rid of most people as most never completed it. This saved my time without me sounding rude.

But Ryan was different. He came back several weeks later and was still as keen as ever.

Impressed at this, I invited him around to my office after working hours for a chat. He was trading a small live account and not doing very well.

He was making the classic mistakes of only using a price chart and massively over leveraging on his trades.

Understanding The Markets Is The First Step

Ryan sat next to me for two hours that evening. I simply showed him some recent trades that I had taken. We walked through those trades and the reasons behind why I had taken them.

I explained that he should only take a trade if he has a good reason. I showed him some free online resources that he could use. And I encouraged him to stop using leverage.

With this basic knowledge he went away and started practising. I offered him support over Skype. I’d walk him through the trades I’d taken recently and occasionally meet him for a catch up.

After just a few months his results were incredible. He was averaging 6% per month and his consistency was amazing.

He had grasped the concept of trading fundamentally almost perfectly. His routines were solid and his results even better.

This was the first stage complete. He had learned the correct way of trading and utilised the guidance that I had given him.

By the time Ryan reached this point, I had made a plan to launch this training business. I looked at Ryan’s results and invited him to quit his job and come and help me.

He became an active coach in our membership and used his salary to increase his trading account.

The Reality of Trading Success

At some point in the middle of 2014 Ryan had his first taste of real trading. He was buying the NZD because the RBNZ was in a hiking cycle. The price had been pulling back but he was confident that they would be hiking again. So he held.

This analysis turned into stubbornness which then turned into hope. The governor of the Bank had stated that they might not need to hike again.

The price dumped further but Ryan held on. He couldn’t let go of the position because the loss would make a big dent in his shiny performance.

As the price kept falling, his draw down reached 50% of his account. He finally puked.

This was a huge lesson.

He called me to let me know what had happened. He was embarrassed and almost ashamed.

I explained that puking was a perfectly normal part of trading and that it would serve him well in the future.

The best thing to do was get back to raking the pips in and forget that it ever happened. At the same time, he should avoid it happening again in the future. Learn from his error.

Ryan had generated such a good return and been so consistent that he believed he was infallible. He held onto his position despite his rational analysis telling him that things had changed.

He had held a position because he didn’t want to take a loss.

This is totally different to holding a long term position based on the overriding fundamentals. It is a fine line but one that can make all the difference.

The Ability To Make Consistent Profits Remains Forever

This fall from grace was shocking to somebody that had literally never had a losing month in almost a year.

Here was someone that personified the process of trading the fundamentals perfectly.

On the one hand, Ryan had the ability to generate pips at will. On the other hand, he was just as exposed to the weaknesses of human emotion as anyone.

In the heat of the moment, it was a disaster. A total failure and a waste of months of his time.

In reality, it was a wonderful position to be in. He had gone from clueless retail trader to a pip making machine that literally never had a losing month when he was trading in the zone.

Imagine if you had this ability tucked away in your locker. If you knew perfectly well how to make pips and could generate months on end of consistent profitability.

Imagine if your only issue was when your psychology occasionally blinded you into taking a large loss on your account.

I believe that this is a dream scenario for basically anyone reading this post. Being in this position makes it very clear what you need to be working on.

Each time you get hammered by the markets you understand exactly what you did wrong. After each time you become doubly focused on not letting it happen again.

This constant process of refinement eventually leads to these episodes becoming less frequent. It also leads to the losses you incur becoming smaller in volume.

You will slowly realise that taking any kind of loss is irrelevant because in the long run your ability to generate pips will eclipse it.

This is the position that trading the fundamentals helps you reach.

How To Recover From Large Losses

Ryan’s process to recovery was actually very simple. He knew how to make pips and had done so for many months. His failure was in his brain.

He took two weeks off from trading and got some fresh air. He then came back and focused on tuning back into the markets. This is achieved via the analysis of everything that is currently moving the prices.

After a short while you will start to see trades ‘jumping out at you’. This is when you know you are ready to start pushing the button again.

This is simply what Ryan did. I, of course, guided him and gave advice from my own experiences. But a simple period of ‘refocus’ was all that was required.

He went through several periods of large draw down over his first two years of trading. He may even go through more in the future. But I expect that over time these periods will get far less damaging and frequent.

He has absorbed the appropriate knowledge and turned that into his trading methodology. This is 100% down to him learning and applying the fundamentals.

He is now also well on the way to overcoming the psychological side of trading that can be so exhausting.

Even if he does take another large loss, his ability to make those pips will always be there. He will always be able to recover. When he has complete control over his trading psychology he will undoubtedly generate significant wealth.

A Look at Ryan’s Performance

I promised that you would be able to verify that Ryan really did generate incredible performance.

The image below is a snap shot of his real trading account. He started trading with $2000. When he worked with me he re-invested much of his salary into his trading account.

He did this so that he could increase the size of his trades without using any leverage.

After just two years he now has just under $50,000 in his trading account. Most of this has come from his trading as he has consistently generated over 5% per month.


how real forex trading success looks

If Ryan continues this rate of un-leveraged growth he will be a multi-millionaire in 5 years. He is just 24 years old.

This is not quite the promises of the Instagram gurus but it is real and it is definitely something that anyone can aspire to.

I cannot promise that you will have the same experience. All I’m trying to do is illustrate that Ryan is just a normal every day guy that worked hard to understand and apply the fundamentals.

He understands that there is a psychological battle to face and is working through that battle to improve his results year on year.

You Can Do The Same

It all starts with high quality training of the right concepts. This is why we teach the fundamentals so heavily. They work.

You then need to research and practice and trade. Success will not come overnight, but within weeks you should to start noticing much more consistent results.

Once you master the skill of making pips consistently, the psychological battle really begins. Do not be disheartened by losses of draw downs. Learn from them and improve yourself.

And remember that our support team and community is here to guide you and help you through the entire process.

I’d love to hear your own story of how the fundamentals have improved your trading. Please post it in the comments below. It is infinitely more inspirational to other people than you imagine!

Work hard and you will see what real Forex trading success looks like!