Referral Partner Registration


The goal of the product is to give retail traders the exact same training and tools that would be normally given to a junior trader, physically present on the trading floor of a professional investment firm. With all elements modified to fit into a completely online environment.

This online training includes:

  1. Comprehensive 15 hour video course, teaching all aspects of successful FX trading, including attachments, indicators, and trading templates. (Taken direct from a professional investment firm)
  2. Live, 24 hour scrolling news feed, with real time audio squawk and specialized filters. (Also a stand-alone product)
  3. Weekly trade plan from Jarratt + 2 daily webinars for London and NY sessions with professional analysts with recordings archived. (Also a stand-alone product)
  4. Daily trade plans for each high impact economic announcement.
  5. Daily forecasts for both London and New York sessions, with full analysis of current sentiment and suggested trade plans for each upcoming session.
  6. Central bank analysis with constantly updated currency strength meter, displaying the long term trend for the 8 major currencies.
  7. Exclusive guest webinars with respected industry professionals, covering training in technical analysis, trader psychology and insights into the world of institutional trading.
  8. More products coming soon, including in person training with Jarratt and other professional traders, along with various other offerings.

Unique selling points:

We have also negotiated with an investment firm, a pathway into the money management industry for any retail traders that can perform and generate a profitable track record, after taking the training.

This opportunity includes the following:

  1. Clear step by step process to attaining a $100,000 account with Jarratt’s firm that any trader can apply for, at no extra cost.
  2. Opportunity to offer their strategy to high net worth clients and build their very own money management business.

Cost of the products:

Full package of training and tools is $297/m or $1,791/y. Loyalty rewards after 1Y membership.

Stand-alone product of the live news feed is $197/m or $1182/y and Jarratt’s weekly trade plan video product is $5.97/w or $297/y.

Sales Funnel Process:

The sales funnel is designed to build trust and credibility and then immediately convert to opt-ins. It then seeks to maximize the revenues from each lead via up-sells, down-sells and annual upgrade offers.

  1. Every lead begins by watching an interview with Jarratt, conducted by and including an endorsement from the
  2. They are then offered a full 14 day trial of the full package training programme and tools.
  3. Annual upgrade offer sequence begins during the first week of the trial.
  4. For those that do not cancel their trial during the 14 days their credit card is then charged (approximately 20 days after the start of the funnel).
  5. Up-sells and down-sells then kick in for all leads, depending on their actions and current subscription status.


Lifetime, first referral.

Affiliate offer:

30% of total revenues for the entire life of the lead.

As a affiliate you will receive up to $7 – EPC, up to $60 – EPL. Also, 30% from every customer sale through his lifetime, that means whenever they purchase any digital product from us – you get commissions.

You will be guided through all provided promotion material, full affiliate support at any time together with tracking. The promotional material includes various options of emails to send out together with updates on any upcoming launches. You will be provided with links to material with your already generated affiliate ID that allows tracking.

The tracking includes ability to see each purchase of digital products made by customer you have brought, as 30% commissions are paid throughout customer lifetime. Also you will be able to track what channels of your promotions work best to optimize time and increase earnings. Commissions are paid to the first affiliate through which customer comes to the website.

Payments are only made starting at $200, you will receive your earnings at the end of each month for the previous month. To receive payments you must submit W8 form for non-US residents or W9 if you are US resident.