Our online trading academy was founded in late 2013 by FX trader Jarratt Davis. At that time, he was running an FCA regulated managed account programme in the City of London.

He first began trading professionally for investors in 2008. Over the years he discovered many people that wanted to learn to trade themselves rather than invest.

As his investment programme developed, he no longer had the time to train traders directly each day. At the same time, our education business was still growing and in huge demand.

Having worked inside investment and prop firms in London he had an inside understanding of how they taught and developed graduates into traders.

He took these concepts and turned them into the online trading academy that you see today. Our academy is an independent business with its own dedicated team.

Although Jarratt isn’t directly involved each day he does insist on our policy of only employing trading coaches that have verified track records.

This ensures that all of our training is of the highest quality while having integrity. This is one of the many things that differentiate us in the retail education industry.

Our coaches use third party verification sites such as simpletrader.com or myfxbook.com to verify their trading profits.

We also encourage our students to send us their own track records too. This helps you to see that people are getting results from our training.

Some student track records are a few months long while others show years of profits.

We display these on our website for you to freely explore. Each student is unique and trading improvement means different things to each person.

We are focused on teaching you what professional traders use on a daily basis to make money. We believe that the key to your success is in understanding fundamental analysis.

Things like technical analysis, risk management and performance psychology also play a key role but understanding the markets is imperative.

When you understand how the market thinks and how it works on a deeper level you have a much better chance of becoming consistently profitable.

Beyond our training we also offer a range of products and services to help with your trading. These include things like research terminals, premium news platforms and real time squawks.

Because we have a big community we are able to negotiate large discounts for our users. Being part of our community is beneficial even if you are a successful trader already.

We have a dedicated support team on hand to answer any questions that you have. Please use the chat app on site to talk to them now.

To learn more about Jarratt you can visit his professional website and blog where he works with investors and asset managers.


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